“Bloom where you’ve been planted.” That’s great advice about life in general – if you’re a person. However, the familiar old adage doesn’t make much sense in the garden where most plants tend to be choosy about where they’re planted. The truth is, figuring out exactly where to put that old-fashioned rose bush or blue-green hosta is a lot more complicated than just digging a hole. If you’ve got a tricky spot in your garden (don’t we all), things can get downright perplexing.

The folks at Bluestone Perennials have been providing beautiful plants for three generations, and they’ve always been a great source of information and inspiration. If you’re not sure where to turn with those tricky garden questions, they’ve provided easy-to-use Gardening Solutions to help you answer those difficult questions – what to plant, and exactly where to plant it. Here is what Gardening Solutions says about some of the trickiest garden situations:

Dry shade: When it comes to difficult gardening situations, dry shade wins the prize. Most plants aren’t tough enough to survive dry spots under tall trees or on difficult slopes, but Bluestone’s Gardening Solutions comes to the rescue with a long list of hardy but beautiful options. Take a look at their selection of hellebore, available in a variety of stunning solids and multi-colors, as well as hosta, brunnera, geranium, ajuga, phlox and many others.

Deer: No plant is 100 percent deer tolerant, and hungry wildlife will eat nearly anything if food is in short supply. However, there’s a good chance that deer will find the following plants less palatable: coreopsis, echinacea, rudbeckia, salvia, agastache, monarda and allium. These gorgeous plants (and many others) may not be on the top of the list for deer, but you’ll love them all.

Winter interest: Hundreds of plants provide color when the days are warm and sunny, but gardens don’t need to look forgotten and forlorn during the winter. For example, Bluestone’s Gardening Solutions recommends grasses such as feather reed grass, a tall perennial that grows in a variety of conditions. Carex ‘Banana Boat’ is a great selection for shady areas or along streams or ponds, while pink muhly grass provides billowing clouds of color, even in poor, dry soil.

Foot traffic: You’ve got kids and dogs, or you’re trying to figure out what to plant between pavers or stepping stones. This sounds like a serious conundrum, but if you take a look at Bluestone’s Gardening Solutions, you’re bound to find something that suits your needs to a ‘T.’ Suggestions include colorful sedum, liriope or ajuga, or mats of evergreen plants like thyme or Irish moss.

Not finding answers to your particular problem? Check out Gardening Solutions to find plants suitable for nearly every situation you can imagine, including those that thrive in salty air, shade or humidity, or those that attract bees, butterflies or hummingbirds, and much more.


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