Man caves are special sanctuaries where guys can go to kick back, enjoy a cold drink, watch TV, play video games or hang out with buddies after a long day at work. A guy lucky enough to have a large man cave may have an entertainment system, pool table or fully equipped bar. The sanctuary-like space of the man cave is like a little piece of heaven for guys, but it leaves women wondering, “What about us? Where’s our special place?”


Sorry, guys, but we ladies work every bit as hard, and 90% of the time we are the ones caring for the kids, cleaning up the house, doing laundry, carpooling after school, picking up groceries, helping with homework, cooking meals AND holding down a full-time job of our own! Seems to me that women could use a little space of our very own after a long day. So, if you’re feeling a little envious of your guy’s man cave and wondering how you can carve out a little space for yourself, I found a perfect solution. Online store SolidBuildWood.com has a variety of natural wood sheds which the company creatively calls, “She Sheds.” – FINALLY!


Don’t be discouraged by the name, though. SolidBuildWood.com garden sheds are really much more than simple “sheds.” These cozy little cottages are constructed from natural Norway spruce boards and built with elegance, style and durability in mind. Of course, you can still use the attractive garden sheds to store your mower, wheelbarrow and lawn tools, but why? They are just what we gals need, a place we can add our own personal style and turn into unique get-away – somewhere we, women, can go to for solitude, to grow plants, to write, to paint, or whatever makes us feel good and destress.


If you’re limited on outdoor space, that’s okay too. They offer various sizes to suit nearly any space, like the Douglas 10 x 8 garden shed, which provides plenty of space to curl up with a good book, paint, write, or share a glass of wine or a cup of coffee with friends. And if you’re a crafter, hobbyist, musician or artist with a need for more space and light, you can choose from several other sizes and styles. For example, their largest garden shed, the Bristhol 13 x 10, offers a cozy but elegant interior with extra-large glass doors to let in plenty of natural sunlight.


The Brightoln 10 x 10 shed has extra windows that not only provide plenty of light but allows you to keep an eye on the kids as they play. This way there’s no need to worry about where the little ones are or what they’re doing, because we all know how difficult it is to relax when we are left wondering about the kiddos. Face it, as women, we’re are always on call, but why should the guys have all the fun? We can still have a space of our own to relax – and we deserve it.

Whether you’re looking for a she shed, a pool house, a guest retreat or a space to house a sauna or hot tub, SolidBuildWood.com provides exactly what you need – in first class style. Larger sheds and cabins even have ample space to install a bathroom and small kitchen – a perfect office or home away from home. This company is committed to quality at every step of the process. All products are constructed from natural, high-quality wood with no toxic materials, plastic or plywood. Assembly requires little skill and no expensive labor is required.

Here is what Larisa from Westfir, OR said: “I am a 5’1” woman, and I assembled the shed by myself, completely alone, within about 4 or 5 hours. Of course, the shed kit we ordered did not have a roof, so that assemble time did not include roofing, but I still think that is incredible!!!!! I was very impressed, and my husband was even more impressed when he got home from work and saw what I had done!”

Welcome to your she shed!


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